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Refer to the table below to assist with a quick assessment of the appropriate integration approach, based on a clients’ requirements.



When to Consider This Option

Implementation Considerations

EcoSys Connect

Middleware platform for building no-code integrations with external systems

Building integrations with external systems where the end point type is support by Connect (Currently, SOAP, SQL)

Integrations can be quickly developed with advanced business logic and data transformations. The no-code approach allows non-programmers to build integrations.

EcoSys Web Services API (REST or SOAP)

Bi-Directional integration web services API providing read/write capability

Web services integrations, detailed error checking/logging, requires transformation/logic applied to data upon import/export.

The EcoSys web services API is required for any non-file-based integrations with EcoSys, possible to use with any middleware or programming language

EcoSys OData API

Read-only web services API following the OData standard

BI Reporting solutions or read-only integrations

Ideal for ad-hoc querying or reporting use cases

Live Connector

Real-time OData queries from external systems.

Ability to display read-only data from OData web services APIs.

Easy way to access data from external systems without building complex integrations. Data from Live Connectors is not stored in EcoSys, reducing integration data volume.


File Import/Export

For low volume import of data in Excel spreadsheets or tab delimited file formats, or for GUI based exports

One off or intermittent small volume imports/exports are required.

Automation for imports can be implemented for Excel spreadsheet or tab delimited files only. Exports can be achieved via GUI in many formats. For automation, batch processing set up needs to be performed.

P6 Connector

Bi-Directional integration with most common P6 data structures.

Primavera P6 system access.

Minimal set up required. Flexible operations (filtering, etc) to access data. Utilizes the Primavera P6 Web Services API.

SAP Adapter

Bi-Directional integration with specific SAP modules

SAP system access.

Minimal set up required. Flexible operations (filtering, etc.) to access data.