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Running the platform benchmark utility from the command line is a convenient way to measure performance without having to install EcoSys or independently of the application server container.

  1. In the distribution package, locate the files listed below, and copy each one to your target Application server.

  2. Copy to the same folder JDBC jar and re-name to driver.jar.

  3. Run the command java -jar benchmark.jar

    By default, the command runs all default tests. You can use the Help command for options to control the test parameters.

    EcoSys Platform Benchmark Utility


    java -jar benchmark.jar [{test or task name} [{seconds}] ...]

    {test name} is from the list below. If no tests are specified, all

    default tests are run.

    {seconds} optionally follows any given test name, and overrides the

    default run time for that test.

    {task name} is from the list of admin tasks below

    NOTE: for database tests and tasks, a "" file is

    required in the local folder. See documentation for instructions.

    Default Tests:

    APP_CPUSTRINGS 30 sec Application Server CPU Strings

    APP_CPUFLOATPT 30 sec Application Server CPU Floating Point

    APP_CPUXML 45 sec Application Server CPU XML

    Special Tests:

    APP_CPUPARALLEL 10 sec Application Server CPU Parallel Processing

    DB_QUERY 60 sec Database Query Parallel Processing

    Admin Tasks:

    DB_QUERY_LOADDATA_SMALL Database Query Load Small Benchmark Dataset

    DB_QUERY_LOADDATA_MEDIUM Database Query Load Medium Benchmark Dataset

    DB_QUERY_LOADDATA_LARGE Database Query Load Large Benchmark Dataset

    DB_QUERY_DELETEDATA Database Query Delete Benchmark Dataset


    java -jar benchmark.jar > report.txt

    java -jar benchmark.jar APP_CPUSTRINGS 120 APP_CPUFLOATPT 90 >> report.txt

    java -jar benchmark.jar DB_QUERY_DELETEDATA

    Sample file to run the database benchmarks. Based on the database type, highlighted properties need to be updated.

    # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


    # ====================


    # This file contains settings for use by benchmark.jar when executing

    # benchmark tests or admin tasks related to the database. Configure

    # the settings below and save this file in the same folder as benchmark.jar

    # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

    # Type of database for the EcoSys database (values: ST_SQLServer/ST_Oracle)



    # Database connection pool




    # database credentials for the EcoSys (ESFM) database



    # For use with Oracle



    # For use with SQL Server


    # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------