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When you create an account on Hexagon University, our registration system uses the domain portion of your email address (the part of your email after the @ symbol) to determine your level of access to training on the site.

  • If your email domain is associated with a known customer in our registration system, you will be granted access to the site as a member of a group named for that organization.

  • If you use a personal email (for example, an internet service provider email domain) or otherwise use a domain that we do not recognize as belonging to one of our customers, you will be assigned to our Guest Community, which is intended to provide a limited offering of training in a selection of products that is appropriate for a general audience.

If you are in fact a customer but our registration system does not recognize your email domain and instead assigns you to the Guest Community, please contact the site support team (universitysupport.ali@hexagon.com) and provide them with your organization's name, as well as a contact who can verify your status, such as a Hexagon sales representative, customer relationship manager, or a contact in the organization that supplies the licenses for the use of Hexagon software. The support team may follow up with questions so they can verify your organization's account status. (The orientation training for the Guest Community also contains instructions for how to do this.)

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