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The Asset Inventory module in mobile, will list all the Asset Inventory sessions which are assigned to the mobile user.

Approved sessions like the example above (Session ID: 10000), or cancelled sessions, will not sync to the mobile device. Only, unfinished sessions will be listed. Updates made in the base product will sync to the mobile device, like the asset example below, which is marked as Found


The options available from this screen include the following:

  • Marking an asset as ‘Found’ - This will update the Observed Physical Location with the System Physical Location and highlight the asset in green.

  • Marking an asset as ‘Not Found’ - This will not update the Observed Physical Location and will highlight the asset in red.

  • Asset Found in a ‘Different Location’ - By selecting this option, the system will open a popup prompting the user to enter a new Observed Location. If the user is authorized to make "Physical Location Updates" or to "Create Move Work orders," those checkboxes will be unprotected like the case below.

    These two options can be specified in the parameters tab under the iPad options and are unique per session. If there is no Standard WO specified on the Parameters tab, the Create Move WO option will be protected like the example below. This will highlight the asset in yellow.

  • Create a "New Asset" - Clicking on this button will open a popup to create a new asset and add it to the list.

  • Add Asset to List - Clicking on this button (+) will open a popup to add existing EAM assets as part of the current session.