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The following Organization Options are relevant for checklists:




Determines if a check is performed that all required checklist items are entered or not applicable when signing Performed By. If ‘ON’, the system will perform the check. If 'OFF', the signature can be entered without this validation. If ‘RESTRICTED’ the system will behave as if the option is set to ‘ON’ but will disallow Notes as a means to complete the checklist item. The restricted setting also impacts the work order close, even if the Performed By signature is not required. If ‘COMPLETE’, the system will behave as if the option is set to ‘OFF’ but will acquire the Complete Count (Mobile only) based on the criteria of ‘RESTRICTED’.


Determines if follow-up is automatically generated at different stages of the Work Order lifecycle. If ‘ON-PERFORM’ the system will automatically generate the follow-up work order or the deferred maintenance when signing Performed By. If ‘ON-REVIEW’ the system will generate them when signing Reviewed By. If ‘ON-CLOSE’, the system will generate them when closing the work order. If ‘ON-ALL’, the system can generate them at any of the three stages.


Controls how Regulatory checklist items, marked for Repairs can be completed. If ‘N,’ then a valid resolution (or) a combination of a valid resolution and follow-up activity is required. If ‘P,’ then a blank resolution is allowed, along with a follow-up activity. If ‘OFF,’ items can be completed without a resolution or follow-up activity.


Determines if the checklist must be renumbered based on the Route attached to the work order: If ‘YES,’ the checklist items will be renumbered.


Prevents closing work orders if checklist items exist that have follow-up selected but for which no follow-up work order is created: If ‘YES,’ prevent closing the work order. If ‘WARNING,’ the user will receive a warning message but will be allowed to continue and close the work order. If ‘NO’ the system will not perform the check.


Determines if the follow-up work order can have multiple activities with different From Points and To Points: If ‘YES,’ this is allowed. If ‘NO,’ this is not allowed, and one follow-up work order will be created for each activity with a unique From Point and To Point combination.


Determines what kind of follow-up a checklist will generate: If ‘DM,’ Deferred Maintenance activities will be created. If ‘WO,’ the follow-up will be a work order.

The following Install Parameters are relevant for checklists:




Enables the Job Selector on relevant screens.

The use of install parameters to control the work order status changes based on e-Signatures for Performed By, Reviewed By and Rejection, means that this setup will be applicable for all organizations and departments within HxGN EAM. It is not possible to use a different set of status codes for a different organization.