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The Questions tab of the Customer Survey screen provides the nucleus of the Customer Survey. Questions may be in any combination of the following types:

  • Text - (freeform, up to 4,000 characters)

  • Numeric - (positive or negative numeric, decimal allowed)

  • Integer - (positive cardinal number)

  • Radio Button - (select one answer from a list of answers)

  • Check box - (select one or more from a list of answers)

Along with specification of the question type, the text of the question, description and sequence number are required fields. The Sequence field allows the survey creator to place the questions in the preferred sequence. It is not the question number that appears in the Customer Survey Completion screen.

For radio button and check box type questions, the survey creator needs to establish a list of acceptable answers.

On the Questions tab, there is a link to add and edit permissible responses to check box and radio button-type questions.