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As part of the ION API integration for Infor Xi | Homepages (RBHP), the EAM application and ION API require registration with each other for authentication purposes. For this handshake to complete, both applications must store access key and secret key information individually. On the Infor Xi | ION API side there is a screen which accepts storage of these values. For EAM in cloud builds, this requirement is supported by the automation, and for self-hosted EAM environments the customer is required to enter these values as install parameters.

Install Parameter Code



Access Key/Consumer Key to be configured in ION API to be used for OAuth Security
This should match the Access Key value setup while registering ION-API


Secret Key value to be configured in ION API to be used for OAuth Security
This should match the Secret Key value setup while registering ION-API
Please refer step 5 of ION-API Registration section of this document


Flag to indicate if EAM used behind a load balancer
Set it to ‘TRUE’ if EAM is behind load balancer otherwise ‘FALSE’

These install parameters, insert/update/delete will be supported in self-hosted EAM environments only (On-premises builds) and will require utilization of EAM 11.4.

For implementations of EAM versions prior to EAM 11.4, OAuth install parameters will need to be manually keyed in.

  • The user (System Administrator) will click the New Record button on the Install Parameters screen and then manually create a record for each of the OAuth install parameters with their associated value

  • The user will click Save after each record entry to save the OAuth install parameter and its value to the database.