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Feature Briefs
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  1. Navigate to Infor Ming.le Homepages and click CREATE NEW PAGE.

  2. In the New Page popup window, define a title and brief description for the new page, then click CREATE to continue.

  3. The system generates a new page with the defined title along the top.

  4. The screen contains a notification that the page is empty. Click ADD WIDGET to continue.

  5. The system displays a listing of all widgets available in the Widget Catalog. Click ADD to select either a EAM Summary Grid widget or a EAM Webservice Prompt widget from the list.

  6. After adding both types of widgets, the homepage that was created includes two widgets.

  7. Click SAVE in the upper right hand corner to add configuration details for each widget. The system re-draws each widget with ellipses in the right corner of each widget.