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Feature Briefs
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A Summary Grid Widget allows users to configure any grid available in EAM.

  1. Click Configure Widget button.

  2. Specify this information:

    • Records Per Page: 5

    • Default Organization: <org in eam, e.g. * >

    • EAM Tenant: <tenant, e.g. EAM113MAIN_TST>

    • Relative URL Path: /EAM/APIServices

    • Grid Name: WSJOBS

    • Dataspy: "All Work Orders"

      In the MT EAM Cloud environment, EAM Tenant and Relative URL Path are unavailable.

      See Step 8 of ION API Registration. The URL path will have a default value of /EAM/APIServices that must be changed as per the ION API Configuration. If the ION API is configured incorrectly, you will receive error messages when loading grid data.

  3. Click OK.