Completing the ION authentication process - HxGN EAM - 12.1 - Mobile - Hexagon

HxGN EAM Mobile ION Authentication

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  1. Log in to the Infor ION server using a browser window.

  2. In the header menu at the top right corner of the page, click the User Menu icon to access Mobile Apps screen.

  3. Choose the EAM app you want to authenticate for login. The EAM mobile app’s ION API QR Code is shown.

  4. Open the HxGN EAM mobile app on your mobile device.

    • If it is your first time opening the app on the device, the splash screen should display.

    • The splash screen only displays once the mobile app is installed.

    • The Scan QR Code option can also be accessed on the Setup screen after the app is installed.

  5. Click Scan QR Code to launch the camera, and then scan the QR Code.

  6. The app will request the user’s permission to access camera. Click Yes.

  7. The ION server information is scanned from the QR Code, and then the app is returned to the Setup screen.

  8. On the Setup screen, specify the Organization information.

  9. Optionally, click the Use ION API for Authentication check box to use ION authentication when logging in. To log in directly through the EAM server, clear the check box, and enter the EAM server information.

  10. Click Save.

  11. Click the Login button to open the user authentication screen.

    The user authentication screen may look different than this screenshot based on customer’s own OAuth server setup.

  12. Specify the User ID and Password. The user credential is authorized and a confirmation page is shown.

  13. Click Allow to continue.

  14. The login is successful and the app will start to sync data. Once the data sync is complete, the mobile app is ready for use.