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HxGN EAM Mobile for Transit Security

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The HxGN EAM application can be used to control the mobile users access to information within the mobile app.

  • Organization Security - Determines which Organizations the user has access to and their permissions within each of those Organizations.

  • User Security – Determines several different privileges such as Mobile Administrator, Biometrics, Mobile Setting Changes, etc.

  • User Group Security – Determines which screens and associated panels a user has access to and their Query/Insert/Update/Delete privileges on those screens.

  • Status Authorization – Determines for a particular record status, which statuses the user is authorized to change to.

  • eRecords and eSignature – Determines, based on status change, which types of records will record an eRecord (snapshot) and/or and eSignature (require re-entering user id and password).

  • Department Security – Determines which Departments a user has access to and their privileges within that Department.

  • Work Order Authorizations – Determines the Query/Insert/Update/Delete privileges for particular work orders based on WO Type and WO Status combinations.