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To send notifications, you must first set up an e-mail template on the E-Mail Templates screen. This screen is used to set up the recipients, e-mail subject, and body of the e-mail or push notification.

The Push Notification and E-mail check boxes are used to specify whether the notifications are sent to the user (on the mobile device) or the e-mail address associated with users/employees, respectively. Both check boxes can be selected, specifying that notifications are sent to the user(s) and the specified e-mail addresses. The multi-select recipients lookup will display values based on the selected check boxes. Either of the check boxes must be selected. If the user clears a check box, the system verifies if the other is selected and if not, the system selects it automatically.

Dispatch Feedback Notification – If this check box is selected, the other three check boxes are cleared, and the From E-mail and Recipients fields are cleared and protected. Likewise, if any other check box is selected, Dispatch Feedback Notification is cleared. See the HxGN EAM Dispatch Feedback Notification brief for more information about these notifications.

Currently, the user substitution in the recipient’s field for push notification will work for the following table and column combination: All tables in the system can be used if user does not wish to substitute a recipient field for push notification.

R5EVENTS – evt_person (Work Order – Assigned To)

R5ACTSCHEDULES – acs_responsible (Work Order | Schedule Labor – Employee)

R5OBJECTS – OBJ_PERSON (Assets/Systems/Positions – Assigned To)

R5ASSETINVENTORYPARAMS – AIP_PERSON (Asset Inventory | Parameters – Assigned To)

R5ASSETINVENTORYPARAMS – AIP_USER (Asset Inventory | Parameters – Created By)

R5TRANSACTIONS – TRA_AUTH (Physical Inventory – Approved By)

R5TRANSACTIONS – TRA_PERS (Physical Inventory – Assigned To)

R5OPERATORCHECKLISTS – OCK_CREATEDBY (Operator Checklist – Created By)

R5OPERATORCHECKLISTS – OCK_PERFORMEDBY (Operator Checklist – Performed By)

R5OPERATORCHECKLISTS – OCK_CREATEDBY (Operator Checklist – Reviewed By)


(User substitution involves mapping the column with the corresponding table on the e-mail notification screen. See E-mail notification setup.

In this example below, the push notification and e-mail check boxes have been checked. Since the Push Notification check box is selected, the recipient lookup will show user ID’s. And since the E-mail check box is also selected, it will also show the e-mail address of the Employee/User ID. Hence, the values will be returned in the following combination: Employee;User ID;User E-mail.