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When a push notification is configured for users/mobile devices, the notification shows as a normal notification on the Notification bar/area of the mobile device. Configure the mobile device to Allow Notifications for the mobile app you are using.

The notification will appear, both on the Notification Center, and on the App Icon. The App Icon notification will differ for Android and iOS. Android will show the total count of notifications on the app icon, while iOS will only show the number 1 indicating notifications exist.

  • Tapping, or clearing the notification from the Notification Center, will make the App Icon notification go away – this means the user acknowledged the notification.

  • Tapping on the notification from the Notification Center will open the application: It will be like opening the App: i.e.

    • If the app is already open/logged in, tapping on the notification will open the last opened screen, when last minimized

    • If logged out, tapping the notification will open the login page