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After setting up defaults on the screen setup screen, the reservation calendar screen can be found under the equipment menu. The screen is split into two sections: equipment grid and scheduler grid.

  • Equipment grid is on the left and displays Pool, Loner, or Other type of Equipment. In the example, the screen will display "Pool" as setup on the Reservation Calendar for Screen Setup screen.

  • Scheduler grid is on the right and displays a calendar with either the Minute, Hour, or Day view. The example uses Minute.

  • Working hours are the hours outside the start and end times. If set up on the Screen Setup screen, they will be greyed out. The example hours are 9:00 – 5:00.

The user can view, create, or modify reservation records from this screen.

There are two ways a reservation record can be created on the Scheduler view:

  • Click, drag, and release on an empty calendar grid.

  • Double-clicking on an empty calendar grid

Both actions will open the Reservation Calendar details popup. See Reservation Calendar Details popup. This will also create a Reservations record on the Reservations screen. See the HxGN EAM Contract Management document. After filling in details inside the popup, the system will create a Reservation record on the scheduler grid with the start and end times as specified on the Reservation calendar for Screen Setup screen (if double-clicked to create a record). If clicked or dragged and released on an empty calendar grid, the system will create a reservation record with the end time at the point at which the mouse was released. The created reservation record can also ‘Transition times’ setup which appear as gray shaded areas protruding outside the original reservation times. See Reservation Calendar Details popup.

User can modify the reservation block (changing the start and end times) by:

  • Double-clicking on the reservation record to open the popup and edit the times

  • Dragging on the ends

  • Dragging and dropping the block within the equipment row

  • Dragging and dropping the block to a different row

The last action may or may not open the Reservation Calendar Details popup. This is because moving the block between rows means changing the equipment associated. If the Org of the equipment being updated is different; the popup will open.

If the user wants to delete a reservation record by right-clicking on a record and clicking "Delete Event". This will remove the reservation block from the grid. This does NOT delete the Reservation record on the Reservations screen.

Clicking Go To Day will open the calendar popup letting the user navigate to a specific date in the calendar.