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The Reservation Calendar Details popup is where you can enter details about the reservation record.

Since this creates a reservation record on the Reservations screen, most fields inside this popup are like the ones on the Reservations screen.

The title will appear as the name of the block and the reservation record.

The Reservation Calendar Owner is the only person other than the Created user who has rights to edit the reservation record in the calendar. This is setup at the equipment level and is unique for the equipment.

  • If no value is filled in for this field, only the Created user can edit this record on the calendar. For all other users, the popup can be opened but all fields will be protected. Users cannot drag or drop a record to edit start or end times.

  • If there is a reservation calendar owner, only that owner and the Created user can edit the record.

  • If ‘*’ is filled in for this field, then all users in EAM can edit the record.

Reservation Calendar Owners List if this field is filled in for the equipment, all users as part of that list can edit the record. This list can be created on the approval list screen, by marking the list as a "Reservation Calendar Owner".

Private means only the user creating the record will have access to this check box. Once the check box is checked, and if the user is not the created user or the Reservation Calendar Owner:

  • The popup will not open

  • The description of the block will be hidden

  • Record cannot be dragged/dropped or edited

In this image the reservation for "STAR SYS1" is marked as private.

All Day creates a reservation spanning for a day.

Travel From/Travel To/Setup /Tear Down Time denote "Transition Times" or time it takes to setup the piece of equipment, tear It down, or the travel time from one location to another. These appear shaded on the grid extending from the start and end times of the block.

Status will default to the status setup on the Screen Setup screen for the selected reservation type. For ‘Loaner’ and ‘Pool’ type records, equipment can be Requested, Reserved, or Cancelled from this screen. Colors can be associated to a status if needed on the System Codes screen. This is useful in differentiating the different status records on the calendar.

This is an example of how the screen looks with multiple reservations:

Users must navigate to the Reservations screen to change it to any other status. See the HxGN EAM Contract Management document for more information.

For Other type records, equipment can be Reserved or Cancelled from this screen. Other type records will not be displayed on the reservation screen.

The Work Order, Project, Suppliers, Building Services, and E-Mail Recipients fields are available for informational purposes only, and do not affect other fields inside the popup.

For other fields in the Rental details section of the popup see the HxGN EAM Contract Management document.