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This product helps you protect your organization from safety and reliability threats and configuration changes. It enables internal and regulatory compliance while reducing compliance and operational efforts by up to 90%. With this product, you can manage across all major control system manufacturers to prevent unplanned downtime due to unauthorized changes.

ICS Integrity includes breakthrough in-product expansion to support industrial organizations as they mature their operational technology (OT) cybersecurity capabilities. The cybersecurity risk for critical infrastructure and process industries is greater than ever as digitalization projects and remote work requirements have expanded the attack surface. New modular licensing and deployment options in ICS Integrity provide flexibility to address specific needs at sites.


The key improvements in this version deliver the following benefits for shared Automation Integrity and ICS Integrity capabilities:

Notes Improvements

Notes has the following updates:

  • Resolved an issue where documents were no longer attached to Notes after upgrading from an earlier version to version 7.3.0.

  • Resolved an issue where creating a Note on any object type or computer endpoint resulted in the Note being created on all objects of the same type in an asset after upgrading from an earlier version to version 7.3.0.

Changed functionality

The following functionality within the product has changed:

  • Event Analytics no longer allows Integrity to send notification emails.

Updated Documentation Delivery

The documentation is now hosted on the Hexagon Documentation site, where you can find the latest documentation for your products. Any documentation delivered with the setup program is current as of the release date. Additional documentation updates can be posted after this date on the documentation site. If you are unable to connect to the Internet to access this site, you can see the Help delivered with the product in the same interface locally.

You can submit any documentation comments or suggestions you might have by logging on to our documentation web site at https://docs.hexagonali.com.

The documentation site supports the following browsers:

  • Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Safari 9.1

New and enhanced asset model features

The following asset model updates have been made:

  • Continued updates to improve viewers for various asset models. For more information, see Supplied Asset Models.

  • Resolved a data import issue where the import could fail for certain asset models.

Updated requirements

The following requirements have updates starting with Integrity 7.3:

  • This version of Integrity requires .NET Framework 4.8 or later.

  • This version of Integrity now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2022.

  • This version of Integrity requires PAS Recon 4.11.0 or later if you use Inventory in your environment. If you upgrade Recon from version 4.5 or earlier, also update your data collection to the latest version.

  • This version of Integrity requires PAS Dashboard (Dashboard) 3.6 if you integrate Dashboard in your environment.

  • If you are running SQL Server 2019, you can now run the databases in SQL Server 2019 compatibility mode. For more information, see the Installation Guide.

For more information, see Completing the Readiness Checklist in the ICS Integrity Installation Guide.

Hotfix Delivery Updates

The hotfix process now includes showing hotfix installation information from within the product. You can also uninstall hotfixes, if needed. View current hotfix installation information in the following product areas:

  • Admin Utility Introduction and Licensing windows

  • License window displayed from the product web interface

This release delivers the following benefit for ICS Integrity-only capabilities:

Updates to Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management has the following updates:

  • Improved the performance of the Vulnerability Management import.

  • Resolved an issue that occurred at the end of the Vulnerability Management import, causing the import to time out.

    If the ParentSystem column contained an empty string due to a Vulnerability Management import processing issue in an earlier version of Integrity, the import would time out while trying to process data.

If you are upgrading an existing Vulnerability Management environment from Integrity 7.2 or earlier, you must complete additional steps when you upgrade the product. For more information, see the Installation Guide.