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Release Notes/Bulletin

This release includes these improvements requested by customers.

Case IDs listed with issue descriptions conform to various formats depending on the customer support system in use when a customer reported the issue. For example, some case IDs follow the format CAS-12345-A6B7C8 while others are numeric only, such as 234567.

Case CAS-66306-H9K7T0, 217405

Resolved an issue where after the application of filter on Management page, failed to export it in Excel.

Case CAS-67765-T8D4S5

Resolved an issue where Vulnerability Management Page will not load.

Case CAS-71615-L3S4F3, CAS-71718-J6J6P7, CAS-71958-H7F5B3, CAS-77676-N5F4M3

Resolved an issue where IntegrityStandardWidget: "Change Tracking total Changes Trend" calculation failed.

Case CAS-71590-H9D8G6

Resolved an issue where Reserved Spares not showing when ALL filter selected in spares view.

Case 217236, CAS-73095-P7B0Z5

Resolved an issue where Document Manager could not build reference for Honeywell SM tag.

Case 217309, CAS-71338-X1V9F8

Resolved an issue where Document Manager imported tag that was not available in Excel file, pdf, or zip.

Case 217398, CAS-66630-C6H9Z8

Resolved an issue where Document Manager has incorrect reference for tag in .pdf and .xps files.

Case 217224, CAS-73477-B6C9D5

Resolved an issue with Vulnerability Management page loading slowly.

Case CAS-74493-N7N3Q0

Resolved a typographical error in Windows Event Analytics message.

Case CAS-74538-D9B2K8

Resolved an issue where user cannot see properties when username includes "\x" or "\ux."

Case CAS-75170-N1K9H8

Resolved an issue where bulk asset import is taking long time to create the assets.

Case CAS-75133-R2Q7M3

Resolved an issue where PAS Recon Computer System Property names are not in a alphabetical order.

Case 217039, CAS-76392-Z9H3Q9

Resolved an issue where patches are not updating as per OS version.

Case CAS-76406-N5J1K3

Resolved an issue where Patch-Bulletin sort by Required not done correctly.

Case CAS-76814-T2G9H4

Resolved an issue where the Vulnerability Management Analytics dashboard is not working on enterprise server when using data forwarding.

Case CAS-77348-R5Y3V5

Resolved an issue where Vulnerabilities by location widget is calculating with errors.

Case CAS-76808-V0Z8Q9

Resolved an issue where Dashboard: pasCalculator service keeps failing on enterprise server.

Case 216930, CAS-77660-R1P2L9

Resolved an issue where an icon in asset hierarchy showing differently for particular plant and unit.

Case CAS-77970-B6K7R2

Resolved an issue with Inventory Browse search filters.

Case CAS-77124-V9B2J8

Resolved an issue where Vulnerability Summary and Management pages loading is taking more than a minute and half.

Case CAS-78165-B0H3L0, CAS-78907-R9F9T0

Resolved an issue where Report configuration Up/Down button images are reversed.

Case 216879, CAS-78268-Z6D5N8

Resolved an issue where MS patch evaluation not working on Windows 2019 Server Data Center

Case CAS-78414-L1K9D8

Resolved a “Resource cannot be found” error while navigating to Inventory Browse view by clicking in Inventory Summary page widgets when the Virtual Directory name was changed from Integrity.

Case 216817, 217244

Resolved an error when trying to view the MS Patch Evaluation Report.

Case 216816, 217009

Resolved an issue with a script error when running PAS Cyber Integrity Update Inventory Items import sequence.

Case 223514, CAS-79017-R5Y2S0

Resolved an issue where the Query Builder list details icon does not work as expected.

Case CAS-78987-Q7W5B2

Resolved an issue where Inventory Summary and Browse no longer show any data following a database upgrade.

Case CAS-74949-M7M8P3, CAS-78865-Q7Y4B9

Resolved an issue where an error message displays when using Export to Excel.

Case 216637, CAS-79318-R2B1F0

Resolved an issue where nothing happens and no files in the designated path show in Document Manager when selecting the Show Files button.

Case 216722, CAS-79423-R6J0Y6

Resolved an issue where the Experion import is recording thousands of import errors and .tmp files are filling up the configured temp folder.

Case 216653, CAS-79620-T3J7T6

Resolved an issue where attaching multiple documents to a checklist on the Attachments tab of the MOC causes all attached documents to open as the last document that was attached.

Case CAS-75486-Y4W6T4, CAS-79619-R2Y1X3, 216654

Resolved an issue where the Custom Property Form shows the ObjectName as Hexidecimal instead of the Friendly Name.

Case 216808

Resolved an issue where FILESTREAM causes significant growth when adding two widgets to a dashboard.

Case 223559

Resolved an issue where Integrity import triggers topology query update issue with high number of assets.

Case CAS-78925-C0M0D4, 227349

Resolved an issue where running IntegrityDBCheck.exe failed to recreate the index.

Case CAS-79451, 216717

Resolved an issue where patches have been installed, but the system is showing them as "Staged" in Patch Management.

Case 219971

Resolved an issue with missing properties data in Network Devices when a username contains "\x".

Case CAS-75170-N1K9H8, CAS-78155-Q8T3F1, 234976

Resolved an issue where bulk asset imports in data forwarding take a long time to create the assets and cause SQL timeouts.

Case 237638

Resolved an issue where PDF map and preview does not work.

Case 236845

Resolved an issue where cross-site scripting vulnerabilities were identified in security scans.

Case 244512

Resolved an issue where Windows user accounts that start with the letter "X" can't see properties on objects in Integrity.

Case 225648

Resolved an issue where Document Manager is not creating or displaying the documents.

Case 258151

Resolved an issue where disaster recovery database is created with FULL recovery model.

Case CAS-64591-V4W1P5

Resolved an issue with the Integrity Admin Guide to clarify how to automate the download and import for Patch Management.

Case CAS-62602-M5C0Z5

Resolved an issue where no progress bar displays when the home page is loading.

Case CAS-72993-Y4K2R6

Resolved an issue where the Workflows Adding Associated Objects window is too small and does not expand or allow proper scrolling.

Case CAS-75069-P7V6M7

Resolved an issue adding notes to tags.

Case CAS-75524-G4T9D2

Resolved an issue with scrolling list of objects when creating a case.

Case CAS-57519-R4T2S2

Resolved an issue where removing properties does not actually remove the properties from data in data forwarding.

Case CAS-57520-F8L0J0

Resolved an issue where data forwarding overwrites CFF files instead of appends data.

Case CAS-72560-D3T4W5

Resolved an issue where asset discovery not using hierarchy tree to display information.

Case CAS-72869-G0X4V0

Resolved issues where imported vulnerability data is overwriting existing data on the enterprise server and where the Vulnerability Management window does not show the forwarded data "CaseStatus" and "CaseId" columns.

Case CAS-73772-G4R7N0

Resolved an issue where data forwarding not working as expected.

Case CAS-74716-P1L0W2

Resolved an issue where bulk export of Inventory Items using data forwarding is not working.

Case CAS-74996-Q7F7G5, CAS-75000-C1Z1W5

Resolved an issue where exported data forwarding CSV file does not contain all the expected data.

Case CAS-75748-K7L7P4

Resolved an issue where SQL 2019 OLEDB autosize column had a truncation failure.

Case CAS-76796-H8Y6V6

Resolved an issue where PAS Dashboard has a calculation error when using the Vulnerability Management asset model.

Case CAS-77254-T2Y2T5, 320113

Resolved an issue where location-based views do not work for asset discovery.

Case 315955, 320571

Resolved an issue where the Cyber Integrity Inventory Update sequence fails giving an IDC.exe error.

Case CAS-69649-W6T5Z0

Enhanced the product with additional supported browsers (Google Chrome and Chromium-based Microsoft Edge).

Case CAS-75003-K9L4D8, CAS-75002-N4X9X9, Case CAS-74995-M1V4P1, Case CAS-74928-W0Y1Y7

Enhanced data forwarding to improve usability in the following areas:

  • create NewFiles.txt file after data group objects are exported

  • forward information for all site assets, at one time, to the enterprise server

  • allow for a single data forwarding schedule

Case CAS-76662-J6G5W5

Clarified upgrade procedure for customers upgrading the Vulnerability Management module.