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This release includes these improvements requested by customers.

Case IDs listed with issue descriptions conform to various formats depending on the customer support system in use when a customer reported the issue. For example, some case IDs follow the format CAS-12345-A6B7C8 while others are numeric only, such as 234567.

216841, 317842

Resolved an issue where editing Notes with different users did not work as expected.

216953, CAS-77447-G7Z4D0

Resolved an issue where Integrity was unable to send workflow notification emails when subject titles were not configured.

216973, 255330

Resolved an issue where the Topology views were not shown after saving.

217029, 323493, CAS-76556-N7V0X1

Resolved an issue where Windows Events Analytics log files were not processing.

217052, 219957, CAS-76174-L4N4J7

Resolved an issue where a limit on the number of accepted deviations resulted in errors when the limit was reached.

217101, CAS-75373-H1T9Q4

Resolved an issue where running a specific report resulted in a possible cross-site scripting forgery error.

217113, CAS-75339-F9G8M3

Resolved an issue where Integrity was not able to create a baseline for the baseline type High Risk.


Resolved an issue where URLs containing the & character in data owner names were not properly encoded.

252718, 217059, CAS-76112-H4L3X0

Resolved an issue where the last section of the CDA Questionnaire did not print.

320021, 320003

Resolved an issue where Event Analytics widgets had a calculation error.


Resolved an issue with Aspen DMC Plus data loading on the web page.


Resolved an issue where category-specific fields did not show in Request For Approval or Notification Emails.


Resolved an issue where assigning user groups in the Workflows Checklist Assignments window caused errors.


Resolved an issue with changing the category-specific field in workflow cases.


Resolved an issue with saving alarms added using a checklist for D&R in Automation Integrity.


Resolved an issue where Workflows case information was not saved if any required field was missing.


Resolved an issue with bulk importing assets.


Resolved an issue where Patch Management incorrectly showed that an applied patch was required.

391263, 424801

Resolved an issue with missing scroll bars on the References tab.


Resolved an issue where the deleted object viewer did not load and displayed an error.


Resolved an issue where DBCheckTool did not correctly store some data fields.