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This product helps you protect your organization from safety and reliability threats and configuration changes. It enables internal and regulatory compliance while reducing compliance and operational efforts by up to 90%. With this product, you can manage across all major control system manufacturers to prevent unplanned downtime due to unauthorized changes.

Cyber Integrity includes breakthrough in-product expansion to support industrial organizations as they mature their operational technology (OT) cybersecurity capabilities. The cybersecurity risk for critical infrastructure and process industries is greater than ever as digitalization projects and remote work requirements have expanded the attack surface. New modular licensing and deployment options in Cyber Integrity provide flexibility to address specific needs at sites.


The key improvements in this version deliver the following benefits for shared Automation Integrity Software Suite and Cyber Integrity capabilities:

Data Forwarding and Receiving Improvements

The data forwarding and data receiving feature has been enhanced to simplify configuration. If you have configured data forwarding and receiving in Integrity 7.2 or earlier, your scheduled imports will continue to function. If you need to modify the imports after upgrading to Integrity 7.3 or later, you should recreate your data forwarding and data receiving configuration, along with any changes to it, using the latest version of the Admin Utility.

In most cases, you should need a single data receiving schedule to import data from separate sites or plants. In a few cases, you might have multiple schedules to accommodate importing data that is collected a different intervals. If you have more than one schedule for data receiving, make sure to allow enough time for each schedule to complete. For more information, see the Administration Guide.

Changed functionality

On Dashboard views, the PDF button has been removed from Print / Export Preview windows. Instead, use the Print button to save a PDF if you want to create a PDF file.

On Dashboard charts, if a chart section is small, the details shown when you hover your mouse over the section might block you from clicking through to a window containing more details. If this happens, click the detail overlay to remove it and give you access to click through.

Updated Setup Utility

The setup utility has been updated to improve performance. For more information, see the Installation Guide.

Updated Documentation Delivery

The documentation is now hosted on the Hexagon Documentation site, where you can find the latest documentation for your products. If you are unable to connect to the Internet to access this site, you can see the Help delivered with the product in the same interface locally.

The documentation site supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Safari 9.1

New and enhanced asset model features

The following asset model updates have been made:

  • Continued updates to improve viewers for various asset models.

  • Improved asset viewer performance for assets with many viewers (tabs).

Asset (data owner) name length enforcement

Asset (data owner) names can have a maximum of 50 characters. This limit is now being enforced when you create assets.

Updated requirements

The following requirements have updates:

  • This version of Integrity requires .NET Framework 4.8 or later.

  • This version of Integrity now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2022.

  • This version of Integrity requires PAS Recon 4.11.0 or later if you use Inventory in your environment. If you upgrade Recon from version 4.5 or earlier, also update your data collection to the latest version.

  • This version of Integrity requires PAS Dashboard (Dashboard) 3.6 if you integrate Dashboard in your environment.

  • If you are running SQL Server 2019, you can now run the databases in SQL Server 2019 compatibility mode. For more information, see the Installation Guide.

For more information, see the Readiness Checklist in the Integrity Installation Guide.

This release delivers the following benefit for Cyber Integrity-only capabilities:

Updates to Vulnerability Management and Patch Management

For more information about the following updates, see the Administration Guide and User Guide:

  • Updated Dashboards for Vulnerability Management

  • Dashboard widgets replace static widgets on the Vulnerability Summary window

  • New Vulnerabilities Browse window allows further investigation from Summary charts and graphs

  • New Endpoint Risk Analysis window to understand contributing factors to risk scores

  • Risk scoring analysis using built-in and custom factors

  • Vulnerability Management window redesigned and renamed CVE Management

If you are upgrading an existing Vulnerability Management environment, you must complete additional steps when you upgrade the product. For more information, see the Installation Guide.