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Intergraph Smart Completions Installation (5.3.17)

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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Completions Version

  • When upgrading to U15 or above, you need to manually take a back up of the appsettings.json file and then restore it once the upgrade is completed.

  • This process is applicable only when you already have an installed Smart Completions WIX setup.

  • Ensure to take back up of all the configuration files before you begin the upgrade process.

  • Ensure to comply with the software requirements of the latest upgrade. For more information, see Software Requirements.

List of files to take backup before proceeding with upgrade:




<installation directory>:\Web.config

<installation directory>:\saml.config

<installation directory>:\bin\config.xml

<installation directory>:\API\Web.config

<installation directory>:\API\bin\config.json

<installation directory>:\SC\appsettings.json (only if available)

<installation directory>:\SC\client\sam.json (only if available)

<installation directory>:\SC\virtual-apis.json (only if available)


<installation directory>:\Exports (For Export files)

<installation directory>:\Temp (For generated Smart Form PDFs)

<installation directory>:\SmartFormsV4\images (For Project Logos)

After the back up of all files, continue with:

  1. Uninstall the existing WIX setup.

  2. Install the latest WIX. For more information on how to install, see Install Smart Completions.

  3. Copy the backed up configuration files to the latest wix installed folder.