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Smart P&ID Version
9 (2019)
Smart Engineering Manager Version
10 (2019)

Use the LocalModelItemLookupTable.sql utility if your connected Workshare satellite experiences performance problems when transferring piping data from Smart P&ID to PDS. This script converts a satellite database view (namely, the T_ModelItemLookup) that references a host table into a local table, allowing the data transfer to proceed without using a database link.

Smart P&ID uses the database link to fetch unique Long IDs from the Host when running from a connected Workshare satellite. If the performance of opening the PID file in PDS is an issue or if maintaining the correlation between Smart P&ID and PDS after the merge is not an issue, then you can run this script to change the lookup for the Long ID from a view to the host to a local query.

This utility is delivered as an SQL script to the ..\SmartPlant\P&ID Workstation\bin folder and can be executed using any Oracle user interface, such as SQLPlus.

  • Do not use this script if the transferred PDS data will be merged back into a host PDS database because the Long IDs will not be unique at the host.

  • For more information about Workshare and database links, see the Workshare Configuration and Reference Help.

  • For more information about transferring piping data, see the Smart P&ID Piping Data Transfer Configuration and Reference Help.