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Smart P&ID Version
9 (2019)
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10 (2019)

The Piping Specification Utility verifies that the temperatures and pressures assigned to a pipe run comply with the service limits associated with the selected Piping Materials Class. In continuous validation mode, which is activated by assigned settings in Options Manager, this verification occurs each time you modify either the Piping Materials Class or a temperature-pressure pair in the process case data of the pipe run. The Service Limits validation requires at least one complete temperature-pressure pair from among design, alternate design, operating, and alternate operating cases. If any temperature-pressure pair violates the service limits of the selected Piping Materials Class, a warning displays the appropriate pair. This warning appears in the design software by appending an error string ('SERVICE LIMITS ERROR') to the name of the Piping Materials Class.

In Smart 3D, for a particular temperature-pressure pair, the service limits might also specify an accepted range of nominal diameters for the pipe run. In such cases, if the nominal diameter lies outside this range or if no value is specified for the nominal diameter, the warning also displays.