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Smart P&ID Version
9 (2019)
Smart Engineering Manager Version
10 (2019)

The Service Pids utility processes drawings in the active plant only. To process a different plant, you must close the Service Pids utility and change the active plant in Smart P&ID.

  1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the ..\SmartPlant\P&ID Workstation\bin folder and double-click servicepidsexe.exe.

  2. On the Service Pids dialog, select Show Drawings to see a list of all the drawings associated with the active plant.

    PPM All Outputs Graphic

  3. Select the drawings to process.

    SHARED Tip If you want to select all the drawings, choose Select All. To clear the selection, choose Select None.

    PPM All Outputs Graphic

  4. Choose what do you want to do next.

    To do this

    Choose this option

    Analyze and generate a report on the selected drawings


    Analyze and repair broken relationships in the selected drawings

    Repair & Report

    The Status column shows the current status of each drawing:

    • - indicates that the drawing is being processed.

    • PPM All Outputs Graphic - indicates that the drawing was processed successfully.

    • PPM All Outputs Graphic - indicates that the drawing is either open or in a recreate state and could not be processed.

    PPM All Outputs Graphic

  5. To see the report or repair details, select View Logfile.

    SHARED Tip You can save the log file as a text file and then print it.

  6. To close the utility, select Close.