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Smart P&ID Version
9 (2019)
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10 (2019)

This option applies to orphaned symbols in a drawing that is not in a re-create state.

  1. Open a drawing in Smart P&ID.

  2. Select Tools > Custom Commands.

  3. In the Custom Commands dialog, browse to the ..\SmartPlant\P&ID Workstation\bin folder and double-click OrphanGraphics.dll. As an alternative to using this command, you can band aid symbols in a drawing using a custom validation with the BeforeDocumentClose event.

  4. Close and then re-open the drawing.

    The orphaned symbols are now band-aided in the drawing.

  5. Create a new version of the drawing.

  6. Open the drawing.

  7. Force a re-creation of the drawing.

  8. Display the SmartPlantPID.log file. The log file reports on orphaned symbols by means of statements similar to the following:

    OrphanGraphics has detected a problem: PipeRun with SP_ID = FF038B6467F8429588B86A2FE38F5667 is missing from the database (A04501) and has been band aided.

  9. To view the symbols that were fixed, open the Version History for the drawing. You can also compare the current drawing with the version you created.

Using custom validation, you can specify whether the software only reports on missing symbols in the SmartPlantPID.log file or whether they are reported on and band-aided. Two functions exist in the log file for handling orphan graphics by means of validation:

  • ReportOrphanGraphics reports that symbols are missing from the database.

  • BandAidOrphanGraphics reports that symbols are missing from the database and have been band-aided.