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Smart P&ID Version
9 (2019)
Smart Engineering Manager Version
10 (2019)

The Find Invalid Break Labels Utility (FindInvalidBreakLabelsCmd.dll) identifies illegal break labels in a plant that has been upgraded from a version of Smart P&ID earlier than 2014. The utility identifies all break labels that have been placed at a location where there is no break in the pipe run. Two options are available: the utility can be run on the current drawing or on all drawings in the plant. When run on the current drawing, the utility band aids all invalid break labels in the drawing and generates a log with the number of items that were band-aided in the drawing. When run for the entire plant, the utility generates a log with a list of the drawings in which invalid break labels were found and the number of invalid break labels in each drawing (drawings that do not have any invalid break labels are not listed). The log file is named InvalidBreaklLabels.log and is created in the default Temp folder. If the log file already exists, it is appended with any new information.

After running the utility on an individual drawing, you can repair invalid break labels by creating property breaks in the pipe runs where labels are located or you can delete the labels if not needed. Fixing an invalid break label by creating a property break does not remove the band-aiding. To fix the band-aiding for an invalid break label, break the pipe run, delete the bad label, and place a new break label on the pipe run break. Alternatively, if the break is redundant, just delete the bad label.

  1. Open a drawing in Smart P&ID.

  2. Select Tools > Custom Commands.

  3. In the Custom Commands dialog, browse to the ..\SmartPlant\P&ID Workstation\bin folder and double-click FindInvalidBreakLabelsCmd.dll.

  4. On the Find Invalid Break Labels dialog, select Current drawing to band aid invalid break labels in the current drawing and generates a log. To search all drawings in the plant, including the current drawing and generate a log of all drawings with invalid break labels, select Entire plant. With this option, any invalid break labels that exist in the current drawing are not band-aided.

  • If any assemblies with break labels were created prior to upgrade, we recommend checking these assemblies for invalid break labels. To do this, create a new drawing, place the desired assemblies in the drawing, and then run the FindInvalidBreakLabelsCmd command on the current drawing. After upgrade it is also recommended to run this command on a drawing before creating any new assemblies from that drawing that include break labels.

  • During the search operation, it is not possible to perform any other activities in Smart P&ID. On completion of the search, a message displays indicating that the search is complete and allows you to view the log file if desired.