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The Work Phase feature is used for Pipe FitUp when a weld barcode is scanned. When scanned, the Assembly Name, Weld Name, connected items (with details: Article Number, Size, and Heat Number) and current work phase are shown. Lower on the screen, the task to be completed is shown (Tack Welding or Fit-Up Inspection). If welds FitUp tasks are done, lower part is empty and Complete button is hidden. You must have the NBCPerQCInspection-permission to see the Complete button.

FitUp-Welding and Inspection

A task is completed by selecting it from the lower list and pressing Complete.

After all welds of the pipe are Inspected, the FitUp work phase for pipe is completed. This is done in Work Phase feature by scanning the pipe's barcode and by pressing Complete. After successful completion, the pipe moves into next work phase.