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The toolbar is shown below:

1- Select Visualized Objects

Open Opens the Select Graphs window.

Use the check boxes to select work groups and workplaces. To remove a work group or workplace from the select set, clear its check box. Clicking OK opens the selected chart windows.

2 - Update Views

Manually updates the charts. The software updates the workloads and capacity from the database. All active charts are updated at the same time. Work Load also performs automatic updates in specified intervals.

3 - Show Load Info

Opens the List window, which enables you to view more detailed information about the bar that has been selected from a chart. You can also open the List window by double-clicking the bar.

4 - Timeframe and Browsing buttons

Use the combo box to select the timeframe length. The selected period determines the number of days shown in the chart windows.

For example, if the period is two weeks, the chart windows display columns for fourteen days. The timeframe length also affects the calendar browsing buttons. These browsing buttons enable you to move the timeframe start date backwards and forwards a specific amount of time. This functionality is the same as the menu commands Actions > Forwards and Actions > Backwards.

The starting date of the timeframe displays in the box between the browsing buttons. When the program is started, the current date is shown. You can change the starting date of the timeframe by opening the calendar and selecting a different date.

  • To open the calendar, click the arrow button on the right side of the box.

  • When the calendar is open, you can browse month to month using the buttons on each side of the month's name. You can also select a month by clicking the name of the month at the top of the calendar. You can switch the year with the browsing buttons or the arrow buttons that appear when you click clicking the year on the calendar title bar of the calendar.

  • In the calendar, the current day is shown encircled with red.