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Using the manual process, you can configure the required settings for the project manually.

  1. In the Home screen, tap the Manual Process button.

    The list of projects available appear in the Project List.

  2. Tap the required project from the Project List.

    The Inspection Types for the selected project appear.

  3. Select the Inspection Type. The list of Inspection Stages available for selected discipline appear.

  4. Tap the required inspection stage from the list.

    The list if available drawing for the selected inspection stage appear in the Drawing List screen.

  5. Select the required drawing from the list.

    The ROI List screen appears which displays the list of available ROIs for the selected drawing.

  6. Tap the required ROI from the list.

    An NOI and ROI are created in the WQMS desktop application. A production user creates an NOI and sends it to the QC user to create an ROI for further inspection.

    The Welds List screen appears which displays the list of welds or components available for the selected ROI.

  7. Swipe the required weld to your left to view Reject or Accept options.

  8. If you want to reject a weld component, tap the Reject option in the Welds List screen and enter the following details:

    • Date of Inspection

    • Inspection Name

    • Reason for repair

    • Type of Rejection

  9. Tap Reject.

  10. If you want to accept a weld component, tap the Accept option in the Welds List screen.

    The list of welds or weld components appear. You can select multiple welds from the Welds List.

  11. Select the required weld and click Accept.

    You can select multiple inspection items or components and accept from the Weld Component List screen.

  12. Select the Date of Inspection, enter Inspection Name, and Reason for Accept.

  13. Tap Accept.

    The accepted welds are indicated by a check mark and the rejected welds are indicated by.

  14. Swipe to your right and tap the Update option.

  15. Update the properties required for the weld in the Update Weld screen.

  16. Tap Update. The properties are updated successfully.