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Release Bulletin

PAS Dashboard for PSI and Integrity (PAS Dashboard) provides a framework to visualize data from the PAS by Hexagon (PAS) products you use. You can customize the widgets to present the information you want and need. PAS Dashboard delivers the flexibility you need to create and consolidate your data your way.

The key improvements in this version deliver the following benefits:

  • Added auto refresh to PAS Dashboard to always show the most up-to-date information without manual intervention [CAS-69598-X7P3P5].

  • Added support for Integrity 7.3 and the enhancements to the vulnerability management views within Cyber Integrity. For more information, see the Integrity Release Notes.

  • Improved calculation service to allow shorter calculations to run and finish while longer calculations are in progress [CAS-75588-Q7R1W7, CAS-77796-D9V7H3].

  • Resolved issue where the Change Tracking Total Changes Trend calculation failed [CAS-71615-L3S4F3, CAS-71718-J6J6P7, CAS-71958-H7F5B3, CAS-77676-N5F4M3].

  • Resolved calculation error [CAS-76796-H8Y6V6].

  • Resolved a Vulnerability Management Analytics error at enterprise server when data has been forwarded [CAS-76814-T2G9H4].

  • Resolved an error with pasCaclulator service failing [CAS-76808-V0Z8Q9].

  • Resolved an issue where FILESTREAM caused database size to grow [216808].

  • Resolved an error preventing PDF map and preview to work correctly [237638].

  • Resolved an error when importing the Dashboard - Cyber Integrity asset model [343799].

  • Resolved an issue where end user documentation did not display.

  • Changed functionality

    • On PAS Dashboard views, the PDF button has been removed from Print / Export Preview windows. Instead, use the Print button to save a PDF if you want to create a PDF file.

    • On PAS Dashboard charts, if a chart section is small, the details shown when you hover your mouse over the section might block you from clicking through to a window containing more details. If this happens, click the detail overlay to remove it and give you access to click through.

  • Updated requirements:

    • .NET Framework 4.8 or later

    • Support for Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 11 browsers

  • Usability and performance improvements throughout.

Case IDs listed with issue descriptions conform to various formats depending on the customer support system in use when a customer reported the issue. For example, some case IDs follow the format CAS-12345-A6B7C8 while others are numeric only, such as 234567.

Updated Documentation Delivery

The documentation is now hosted on the Hexagon Documentation site, where you can find the latest documentation for your products.

The documentation site supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Safari 9.1