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So far, we have only entered the data relevant to our vessel, and produced the model on the screen. In this section, you'll understand the Status Bar fields.

  1. Select the main shell in either the 2D or 3D view.

    The main shell element is highlighted.

    Cylinder Selected Quick Start

  2. Look at the bottom of the screen to the status bar:

    The status bar gives us a lot of information for the selected component. Consider the fields from left to right:

    El# 2 of 3 : Component number 2 of 3 components (from the bottom)
    Fr: 0.00 To: 4.00 ft : Element spans from 0.00 ft to 4.00 ft from the datum line
    Up: : Element orientation
    Tr: 0.3057 : Computed thickness for the internal pressure (120 psi)
    Mawp: 206.8 : MAWP for this element (206.8 psi)
    MAPnc: 275.6 : Maximum allowable pressure new and cold (275.6 psi)
    Trext: 0.328 : Computed thickness for the external pressure
    Slen: 22.7 ft : Maximum unsupported length for the external pressure

    Let us now see what happens when there is a problem with an element.

  3. Go to Finished Thickness field and change the thickness from 0.5 inches to 0.2 inches.

  4. Now look at the status bar at the bottom of the screen:

    The required thickness for the internal and external pressures now appears in red, indicating that there is a problem. In our case, the problem is the thickness.

  5. Change the finished thickness back to 0.5 inches to fix the problem.