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Standard Database for Intergraph Smart Reference Data Installation

Intergraph Smart Reference Data Standard Database
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Installation & Upgrade
Standard Database for Smart Reference Data Version

Database server requirements

At least 14 GB space available in MARIAN table space and 14 GB space available in M_INDEX table space

8 GB of free disk space on the database server or a client computer that has sql*Net access to the database server and has the Oracle imp tool of the same version as the Oracle database server.


Smart Materials Oracle Database Installation Tasks is delivered with Smart Materials and Smart Reference Data version 10.2 SP 9.


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

Intergraph Smart Licensing

Intergraph Smart Licensing version and above.

Browser requirements

A web browser is required to use the SDB Merge Tool.

  • Microsoft Edge Version 44 and above (or)

  • Google Chrome Web Browser Version 80 and above.

IIS requirement

Internet Information Services (IIS) 10 must be installed on the server to host the SDB Merge Tool.

Oracle Client

Oracle Database 19c Standard Edition 2 Client ( for Microsoft Windows x64 (64 bit).

Oracle Installation Requirements

  1. Provide administrator privileges to the current logged in user.

  2. Add the current logged in user to the ORA_DBA group.

    Both Oracle Server and Oracle Client must be installed on the same computer.

  3. Ensure that the Easy Connect Naming method is configured for both Oracle Server and Oracle Client.