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Our tests were based on tags with a scan rate of 0.1 seconds. This means that IP.21 stored a new input value ten times per second. We retrieved all the input value changes from IP.21.

Our tests indicated that an average of 2.5 Kilobytes per second per IP.21 tag in bandwidth is required between the IP.21 Server and the j5 Server for the purposes of this interface.

A scan rate of 0.1 seconds is the fastest scan rate allowed by IP.21, so this is a maximum. For instance, if the scan rate of the tags j5 is using is once per second, only 0.25 Kilobytes per second per IP.21 tag is required.

As an example, consider 5000 tags at a scan rate of once per minute. To calculate the required bandwidth:

  • 2.5 * 5000 / 600 = 20.84 KB/s

  • 2.5 Kilobytes per second, multiplied by 5000 tags, divided by the number of 0.1 second intervals in the scan rate (600) gives us a requirement of 20.84 Kilobytes per second in average bandwidth usage.