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PWHT inspection for pipe’s welds is done by using application ‘Work Phase’ feature, where a weld barcode is scanned. After weld barcode is scanned, assembly name and weld number and item details are shown. PWHT for weld is started by scanning Pipe barcode in Work Phase feature and starting current Work phase. You must have NBCPerQCInspection-permission to see Accept and Reject.

PWHT Inspection

To accept PWHT inspection, select the inspection from the list and press Accept. Errors can be caused by a wrong work place or PWHT work phase is not started for the pipe. Cancel clears the screen and Reject sends this pipe into different route. After the test is Accepted or Rejected, the test is removed from lower list and if list is empty all tests are handled.

Pipes PWHT work phase is completed by scanning Pipe barcode in Work Phase feature and Completing current Work Phase.