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Click the Home icon to access your dashboard.

Your home page is a visual dashboard that provides a quick overview of activity that is relevant to your role. The following are common examples of using the dashboard for various roles:

  • As an operator, you might see your active completions, and a list of updated content waiting to be reviewed and acknowledged.

  • A technical writer may see a list of their assigned writing tasks, showing what is on track and what might be overdue.

  • Subject Matter Experts see a list of content in review, where they have been asked to provide feedback on document changes.

Links within each dashboard widget, depending on the widget, provide more information or link directly to content within AcceleratorKMS. For example, click a content title in the My active completions widget to take you directly to that active completion.

 The Administrator configures the widgets that appear on your dashboard, which are based on the roles that were assigned to you. The dashboard displays a search field if no widgets are configured for any of your roles.