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The default tests include APP_CPUSTRINGS, APP_CPUFLOATPT, and APP_CPUXML. These tests exercise the system’s computing capacity using different aspects of workload: string and memory manipulation, floating point calculations, and XML parsing, searching, and formatting.

An optional test, APP_CPUPARALLEL, is also available. This test measures the concurrent processing capacity of the system. The test begins with one thread and gradually adds more concurrent threads until it identifies the peak processing power of the system under test. The test results provide a real-world measurement of the concurrency capacity of the system, irrespective of processors or cores.

DB_QUERY_LOADDATA_MEDIUM is a database test type used to load data into the benchmark tables. If the benchmark tables are not empty when this task is started, you will get an error message. In this case, you can use the data already loaded or reload the data after deleting it using the test type DB_QUERYY_DELETEDATA.

The DB_QUERY benchmark offers a way to measure the performance of the entire database server’s configuration. The benchmark creates a single score that takes into account most aspects of the database server performance characteristics.