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Benchmark values are given for each metric:

  • Higher numbers always mean better (faster)

  • A positive number, starting with the plus (+) sign

Guidelines for comparing benchmark values:

  • Because each test type is unique, benchmark values of different types cannot be compared to one another.

  • Because they are intended to rank a system in terms of capacity, you can compare benchmark values across systems. For example, a server having a APP.CPU.STRINGS.V7 benchmark value of +20 is twice as fast as one having a value of +10.

  • Benchmark values are identified by their key (for example, APP.CPU_FLOATPT.V6). Each benchmark key value has a version (such as V6). Because the underlying tests differ, benchmark results of different versions cannot be compared to one another. It is only valid to compare the same benchmark key and version from one system to the same key and version from another system.