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The Reservation Calendar tab on the Screen Setup screen can be used to specify the default values for the Reservation Calendar screen.

The Reservation Calendar screen and its clones are listed on the screen setup screen. The Reservation Calendar tab has these fields:

  • Scheduler View - This allows the user to select the view for the Reservation calendar screen. The available options are:

    • Minute - Shows the calendar view with 15 minute increments

    • Hour - Shows the calendar view with 1 hour increments

    • Day - Shows the calendar view with 1 day increments

  • Block Duration - This is to specify the duration (Start and End times) of a reservation block when created from the Reservation calendar screen. This is applicable only when the user double-clicks to create a record on this screen. See Reservation Calendar on page . The Block Duration field dynamically changes its values based on the value of the Scheduler View field, since it is different for different calendar views.

  • Working Start and End Times - These times can be setup to indicate the working start and end times for the calendar, just like Microsoft Outlook. This will grey out the areas outside the specified times on the calendar for both the Reservation Calendar and the Standalone Calendar View screens.

  • Default Reservation Type - This determines the type of available records on the Equipment grid on the Reservation Calendar screen.

    • Pool - Denotes all Equipment marked as "Reservable Equipment" on the equipment record view.

    • Loaner - Denotes all Equipment marked as "Contract Equipment", and

    • Other - Denotes all the other equipment in EAM not marked as Pool or Loaner. This list also includes Locations. Other type records created on the reservation calendar screen are NOT be available on the Reservations screen.

  • Default Reservation Type - This will determine the default status of the reservation record when created from inside the popup. For Pool and Loaner type reservations, a record of type "Reserved" or "Request" can be created from the Reservation calendar screen. For Other reservation types, a "Reserved" record can be created.

  • Popup Function - This lookup shows copies of the Reservation Calendar Details popup that can be used for different screens.

The working days section is available only if the "Day" scheduler view is selected. This denotes the working days in the calendar, if checked, it will not be greyed out. The working start and end times cannot be set for "Day" scheduler view. (They will be protected.)

The default working days are set from Monday to Friday, but can be changed by selecting or unselecting the check boxes.

While setting up defaults for the Reservation Calendar screen and its clones, the equipment can also be filtered by Equipment type and class on the respective tabs on the Screen Setup screen record view.