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The j5 Maximo Integration uses SOAP to connect to web services made available in Maximo to retrieve locations, assets, and service requests from a Maximo system and import them into j5. The Maximo assets are synchronized into the j5 Asset Register and mapped to the correct operational areas.

j5 SmartCloud doesn't support the Maximo configuration, but it does support a connection to a Maximo system using a generic HTTPS connection. You can pull in records from Maximo, but it must all be handled using the HTTPS connection in custom code.

Given the highly configurable nature of Maximo installations, it is important to allow time for integration testing as part of any j5 Maximo Integration deployment. We recommend that you engage with a Maximo administrator who is familiar with your particular Maximo instance to assist with creating and exposing the SOAP web services and to address any customizations unique to your Maximo instance.

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