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Intergraph Smart Completions Installation (5.3.17)

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  1. Open Postman and click the Authorization tab.

  2. In TYPE, select Oauth 2.0 and provide a Token Name.

  3. Select Grant Type as the Authorization Code.

  4. In Callback URL, select Authorize Using Browser.

    The URL is filled in.

    This URL muse be registered as a Login redirect URL in Okta, as explained in Create an Okta Application.

  5. For the authorization URL, enter the access URL from the application details in Okta.

  6. Enter the Client ID and Client secret defined when you created the Okta Application.

  7. Type Scope & State.

    Scope refers to the GUID that you have provided as Audience in Add an Authorization server.

  8. Click Get New Access Token.

  9. Enter your Okta credentials.

  10. Click Login.